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Rolling out the red carpet for our Highly Valued Retail Customers

To be an outstanding supplier, any business owner worth his/her salt knows that building and maintaining superior relationships with suppliers is paramount - nothing works otherwise. Rug Traders may be New Zealands biggest supplier, but we're absolutely hands-on.


It's really important to us that we apply our expertise to helping retailers display our rugs attractively in their showroom environment. Based on our experience, the way in which the rugs are laid out directly impacts on the level of sales. People are very visual and over the years we've learnt how best to display rugs for maximum impact.


Our customers are seeing the results of our in-store merchandising, and this has been acknowledged by one major retail chain awarding the company  2011 "Supplier of the Year" for its Accessories and Rug category.


In fact we're so serious about helping our retailers, Joe or one of his team would be on the next flight to any where in New Zealand to set up merchandising stands in store. That's our level of commitment to our retail customers and it's that one-to-one personal engagement, that is the cornerstone of our business ethos.




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